At EC Tactical Lasertag you won’t find any silly plastic phasers. When you play here, you’ll be mowing down your foes with one of our state-of-the-art realistic guns. Our armory is ever evolving as we introduce new guns with new play styles.

The workforce of the EC Tactical Lasertag Armory is the SMG. This light and maneauverable weapon is the most well rounded and is best for long range, more aggressive play. The Stinger SMG runs a 30 round magazine and fires a three round burst.

The SBR is a modified Stinger SMG. It is semi-automatic and has a three shot kill but it is balanced with a  smaller clip size.

When the Blue Team needs a little extra punch, a player will grab the M4. Although slightly larger and heavier than the Stinger SMG, the M4 makes up for it with a superior rate of fire. With the M4 a skilled rifleman can take on 2-3 enemies at once and not break a sweat. The M4 runs a 30 round magazine and fires fully automatic.

The Red Team answers the Blue Team’s M-4 with the AK-47 automatic rifle. While slightly larger and heavier than the M-4, the the AK-47 makes up for its larger size with a louder bark. The rifle deals HUGE damage with each shot with a low rate of fire. The AK-47 runs a 30 round banana magazine and fires fully automatic.


We defy what one would normally think about when they hear the words “laser tag.” We feature metal weapons, indoor multi-level buildings, and objective-based game play. We’re far closer to a modern video game than traditional laser tag. We offer walk-in play, birthday parties, bachelor(ette) parties, corporate team building, and whatever type of event you can come up with!

Postal Address: 338 SW 6th St, Des Moines, IA 50309

Phone: (515) 528-8414