This isn’t like other laser tag you may have played where you’re thrown into a dark room and told to shoot anyone you come across. Our focus is on team oriented, mission-based gameplay.

For most of our games kills don’t count, and the only way to get your name on the scoreboard is by accomplishing the missions you’re given. In a typical hour and a half session players will take on about 6-8 missions, depending on time. For most of our games we allow unlimited respawns unless that game is Tactical. Tactical Lazer Tag games are a bit trickier and only allow for one life. Once you’re out, you’re out for that entire mission.

Capture the Flag

In this game players are tasked to capture and defend a central capture point in the arena. Whichever team controls that point wins the game. To take control a player must hold down his or her team’s colored button until the whole cube glows that color. After that, they must sit back and defend against the incoming onslaught of enemy players.It takes a lot of teamwork to take over, and then even more to hold it. Are you up for the challenge?


Last Stand

Your back is against the wall. You have got nothing left. No reinforcements. This is your last stand!!! In this scenario one team has to hold off wave after wave of enemy attackers. The defending team gets only one life, and needs to make it count. The longer they can hold out against the attackers, who has unlimited lives, the more points they will get. After the last defender is eliminated the teams switch sides and roles.


Disarm The Bomb

In this scenario the two teams lock horns to either defend or disarm the bomb. At the start of the mission, the attacking team must acquire the bomb, transport it to a designated target, and arm it. Meanwhile, the defending team must prevent the acquisition and use of the bomb. Failure to do so means they must defuse the bomb before time runs out! Once the bomb goes off or is defused the game is flipped and roles are reversed.


Death Match

The goal here is a simple one. Shoot the enemy. There are no other objectives, just kill or be killed. Win or die trying. The team that fully eliminates the other team wins. Because that is typically played as a Tactical game, this means your life is precious. Use it wisely.


General Defence

Each team picks a General, whom they must protect with their lives. Teams can respond as usual, but the General cannot. Once he or she dies, the game is over. You must make the tough, strategical decision to send men to assassinate the enemy’s General, or keep them back to protect your own.



There is nothing like the thrill of an old fashioned heist. One team must make it up to our cache of safes, input all the correct codes, and grab as much cash as they can. They will have to set up a defense while they stuff their bags full, because the other team will be on the hunt. It is the robbing team’s crucial decision when to stop and make off with the money. They will have a set time limit, and their bounty must make it to the getaway car. If it is not there, they make off with no money and no score.


Urban Warfare

In war supplies is key, and in Urban Warfare this is no different. One team is tasked with hiding and protecting one or two medical boxes inside our arena. The opposing team must make it across the arena, infiltrate the building, capture the box, and make it back to their starting base. It takes rock solid strategy, teamwork, and lots of skill to attack or defend. Once the box is secured by either side, the game is flipped and roles are reversed.



Siege is a lot like a combination of Total Defense and Last Stand. The defending team must hide a box in our giant arena and defend it. The trick is that they have only one life. The attacking team, which had unlimited lives, will send wave after wave against them in hopes of grabbing that box and taking it back to their base. After the box is returned, the game is flipped and roles are reversed. Quickest team to return the box wins.



We defy what one would normally think about when they hear the words “laser tag.” We feature metal weapons, indoor multi-level buildings, and objective-based game play. We’re far closer to a modern video game than traditional laser tag. We offer walk-in play, birthday parties, bachelor(ette) parties, corporate team building, and whatever type of event you can come up with!

Postal Address: 338 SW 6th St, Des Moines, IA 50309

Phone: (515) 528-8414